Friday, January 11, 2013

#SaveMusibaudeen: What was, what is and what will be.

If you didn't know of the #SaveMusibaudeen campaign, I feel sad for you. If you knew and turned a blind eye, I weep for your heart. But if you knew of the campaign, let's share some of those moments once again.

Sometime in September, Abdus Salam(@abdorle) told us about #SaveMusibaudeen. The account balance was 140k, the final destination, 3 million. I remember Gooodman making the campaign Avatar. I remember TahirSam going round her neighbourhood, raising funds in the best way she could. I remember people sending money via Western Union in pounds, dollars. I remember students taking part of their allowances and donating to the cause. I remember @SannykayzTv leading a group of young people in different venues across Lagos to raise funds running into hundreds of thousands. I remember the endless DMs asking for account details and how Musibaudeen was doing. I remember reading Abusidiqu's blog, then Rinsola's with her powerful words. I remember Mubarak sneaking out of his office to attend to Musby's affairs. I remember Lita, Zahra, Tawfiqah, Fola, Segun Dada and Ayo, Topysken, Maryam (Yellow popo), Yadomah, Obis, Zibr, Optimistic Muhammad, Carlos, Hikmah. I remember people gathering not for any purpose but for the highest call a human can ever receive, a call to save another. I remember how ordinary human beings did extraordinary things, almost supernatural. I can't mention all your names. God has the list of names, and he will call you all, one by one in a place far better than you will ever imagine.

I remember receiving a call from Mr Remi Adeseun

"Remi: Hello?
Me: Hello.
Remi: this is Remi Adeseun.
Me: Good morning sir
Remi: How much is remaining?
Me: 250K sir
Remi: Okay, I'll send someone to pay it when I get to the office."

The rest is just me grinning from ear to ear and jumping like I made it to Frank's hot seat.

A week before Musby travelled for his surgery, he was diagnosed of hernia. 3 other children died while he was in that ward, he lived. When he made it to India and the surgery was finally done, he was awake in less than 24 hours. Record time.

Right now, he jumps and plays so much, someone has to watch him everytime. He eats well, plays well, chops knuckle well, lives well. God used you to give him that. He will grow up to know about you. You are the real human beings.

As if that wasn't enough, Musby's parents insist that the money remaining after the surgery be spent on other charities. They insisted even after persuasion. Remember, they live in one room. Right now, they have given out 300K to in charities as regards health issues including Funke Badru #SaveFunkeBadru.

I have never been more hopeful for Nigeria, for humanity. Never.

I love 'Oliyu'!

We helped give Musbaudeen a chance, we can do it again with Funke Badru. Please click the link below for more details.


God bless you>>>>
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